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Welcome to the GROW - the basic structure of a coaching conversation

class of the Coaching Fundamentals Module!

In this class, you will learn a model which can allow you to facilitate a coaching conversation with your client, a colleague or a member of the team. Knowledge from this class will give you a good starting point. You will learn how to start a coaching conversation, how to progress with it and how to close it up, leaving your client with new awareness, a solution to move forward and accountability to take action. ​


Enjoy the learning!


For a better learning experience we strongly recommend you to use your computer rather than your mobile phone due to the size of the screen.
So, let's do a small recap. You have learnt the definition of coaching and the core coaching competencies, as defined by the International Coaching Federation. You got introduced to the Code of Ethics, coaching values and principles. You have learn how coaching is important in leadership and how to structure a coaching conversation. In the next class, we will add one more component which will allow you to take into consideration the uniqueness of each client, their communication preferences and how to adjust your own style in order to build a deeper connection. Curious? Let's dive in!
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