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Welcome to the Core Coaching Competencies class of the

Coaching Fundamentals Module!

In 2020 International Coaching Federation updated the Core Coaching Competencies, to support the understanding of the skills and approaches used in the coaching profession. In this class, we will introduce you to the new (updated) competencies. 

Understanding and demonstrating them in your coaching practice means following the standards of the coaching profession.


Follow the slides of the presentation below, one slide after another, and answer the quiz questions to check your understanding.

Enjoy the learning!

For a better learning experience, we strongly recommend you to use your computer rather than your mobile phone due to the size of the screen.

Core Coaching Competencies as defined by the International Coaching Federation, are a blueprint for a professional coach. By mastering each of the competencies a coach provides a high-quality service to their clients, creating long-lasting transformative results. Knowing and understanding these competencies is one thing. Another is being able to put them into practice. And this is the focus of our Training weekends and Coaching Labs, where students master each competency, putting them into practice and receiving feedback. As a first step, let's see how our trainers explain these competencies.

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