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What makes Coaching powerful

Hello and welcome!

                    We are very excited to welcome you to BeCoach Academy on-line Coaching Fundamentals course! The journey you are about to begin will be full of discoveries, learning and insights, sometimes challenges and always growth. In BeCoach Academy we emphasise the importance of your personal growth as a coach, therefore the main focus of our live-training days is on YOU experiencing and practising core coaching competencies, coaching tools and techniques. Because we believe that coaching is not just a set of skills, it is not just a profession or an instrument for better people management, it is a lifestyle, an attitude and a way of being.

Be a Coach means embracing such values as continues growth and development, integrity and service, respect and honesty.

Be a Coach means developing your self-awareness, learning to master your fears and being willing to challenge your assumptions and limiting beliefs.

Be a Coach means letting go of your ego, wholeheartedly believing in the potential and resourcefulness of human beings, giving in your need to be right or need to be liked.

Coaching is an incredibly fulfilling, empowering and deeply insightful journey of self-discovery and a way of empowering, inspiring and serving others!

Here our trainers Elena and Isil share what coaching means to them and what inspired them to Become professional coaches:

For a better learning experience we strongly recommend you to use your computer rather than your mobile phone due to the size of the screen.

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