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Welcome to the Definition of Coaching and Coaching Ethics class of the

Coaching Fundamentals Module!

There are many interpretations of what coaching is. At BeCoach Academy we follow the standards of the International Coaching Federation. Here you will learn how ICF defines coaching and what it means to be a professional coach, guided by the Coaching Code of Ethics. 

Follow the slides of the presentation below, one slide after another, and answer the quiz questions to check your understanding.

Enjoy the learning!

For a better learning experience we strongly recommend you to use your computer rather than your mobile phone due to the size of the screen.

At BeCoach Academy we respect and honour the standards of the coaching profession. Even if you are not an ICF Accredited coach (yet :-)), we encourage you to get accustomed to the professional standards and ethical guidelines defined by ICF if you are serious about coaching and want to make sure that all that you do would create benefit to those you coach.

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