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Welcome to the Coaching Principles and a Role of a Coach class of the

Coaching Fundamentals Module!

Coaching principles and values alongside Core Coaching Competencies, which you already have a good understanding of, provide clear guidance to a coach in any coaching relationships. They support a coach when facing a dilemma, a challenge or an ambiguous situation. Making these principles and values an intrinsic part of who you are as a coach will deepen an impact you want to create for your clients.


In this class, you will learn about coaching principles and the role of a coach in the coaching process.


Follow the slides of the presentation below, one slide after another, and answer the quiz questions to check your understanding.

Enjoy the learning!

For a better learning experience we strongly recommend you to use your computer rather than your mobile phone due to the size of the screen.

Yehoo! Great Job! And now let's check how well you understood Coaching Principles.
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