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Welcome to our TV Corner!

Coaching For Leaders +1 _ Celebration.

In this video, Elena introduces you to the idea of celebration. At BeCoach Academy we love celebrating. We celebrate successes, each wins no matter how big or small, every lesson learned.
What makes celebration important? Watch this video to learn the impact that celebration can create.

Coaching For Leaders +1 _ Closing the Gap.

Reflect on a question: What is your real expectation from the people you lead? Reflecting a while you may realise that your main expectation from them is to show up at their very best.
In this Video Elena is sharing how the leaders can create an environment of trust where people can learn fast, think creatively and take accountability.
How being a coach influenced my life.

When you decide to become a coach and to begin your study, you will soon notice the positive impact coaching makes on your personality, your communications with other people, your life attitude, your leadership style and your relationships.
In this Video Elena is sharing how being a coach influenced her life.
Why do I do what I do?
Everybody has their reasons to learn to coach and to become a coach. Coaching is a profession which creates lots of possibilities and can truly enrich your life whether you are a coach or a coachee. By being a coach you keep learning all the way. It's an inspiring journey.
In this Video Isil is sharing her "Why". What is yours? 
ICF Definition of Coaching explained
Despite the fact that coaching is becoming more and more popular and people of different walks of life realise the benefit of it, there is still unclarity around what coaching actually is. In BeCoach Academy we follow the International Coaching Federation professional standards.
In this Video Elena explains the ICF definition of coaching.
When is it time for coaching?
Coaching is often mixed up with other neighbouring disciplines, such as consulting, therapy, mentoring or training. And even if there are some commonalities, the differences are apparent.
In this Video Isil explains when it is the right time for coaching and when it's the right time for another type of support.
Magic Formula of Coaching
Coaching can provide lots of benefits! It creates new awareness, challenges paradigms, opens you up to new perspectives and increases your performance. And this is when it comes to the magic formula of coaching.
In this Video Elena shares the magic formula of coaching and the role of a coach in supporting a coachee in unlocking their full potential.
Power of Language
More often than not we are unaware of the impact the language we use makes on how we feel about certain things, especially on how we feel about ourselves.
In this Video Isil gives several examples of how changing some of the words you use may significantly increase your confidence and ability to act.
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