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For students, graduates and guests

Welcome to the BeCoach Academy e-learning platform!

Professional Woman
As a student of BeCoach Academy, you will find here your prep. reading materials, can schedule your coaching labs, visit demo sessions, find coaching tools and other resources to support your journey towards becoming a professional coach.
Graduates Holding Diplomas
As a  graduate and experienced coach, you know the value of continuous learning. Here you will find advanced materials, training resources for the Leadership Coaching programme and other opportunities for your personal and professional growth.
Man at his Desk
As a guest feel welcome to introduce yourself to the world of coaching by taking our Coaching Fundamentals self-learning module, visit the library of recommended reading and watch our TV Corner to watch the video from BeCoach Academy teachers as well as our favourite TED talks.

Become a LEADER to inspire and enable people's growth and development


Become a COACH to support others in fulfilling their dreams and achieving their goals

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